The entire NBA is in the holiday spirit and as members of the Cleveland Cavaliers spoke about some of the gifts they have received, Tristan Thompson and Channing Frye couldn’t help but joke about a gift Kevin Love was given from a fellow teammate last year.

“Last year we did a Christmas exchange, gift exchange, and a teammate of mine, Kev, received a very interesting gift from someone,” Thompson said. “We won’t say whose name it is, but he received a humidifier.”

Frye also remembered the incident fondly and couldn’t help but crack a smile at his teammate’s expense.

“Oh definitely last year, that humidifier that Kev got was some trash,” he said.

He then broke down what must have been going on in the unnamed gift giver’s mind before offering the humidifier to the All-Star forward.

“It was absolutely hilarious though,” he said. “He literally had it in the bag with the receipt. Like, he just went to CVS, went down the As Seen on TV aisle and was like, ‘There we go. Kevin must need this humidifier since he’s coughing a little bit.’”

In the end, Thompson summed it up in an accurate manner.

“That was probably the worst gift I’ve ever seen someone receive,” he said.

Hopefully Thompson and Frye took upon themselves to make sure Love received a much better gift this time around.


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