The 2019 NBA Draft is minutes from kicking off, and it appears as though the top five selections are already set.

According to a report, unless some last-minute changes take place, the Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to draft Vanderbilt University product Darius Garland.

Garland and the Cavs have been linked for some time now. The possibility that he would end up in Cleveland increased after the Los Angeles Lakers, who were reportedly interested in the talented guard, traded the No. 4 pick as part of the Anthony Davis deal.

It now seems as though Garland, who many believe could prove to be a top-tier talent, will fall into the Cavs’ lap.

If the Cavs do ultimately draft Garland, they will immediately lay claim to one of the most promising young backcourts in the NBA, made up of both him and second-year star Collin Sexton.


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